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Green Is the New Black

Hotels- this one's for you! In 2017, we asked >2,500 hotels what they are doing to "go green." So we have good info for you...

If your hotel isn't already pursuing green rankings and certifications, you are behind the "go green" trend. It's time for you to step up to the plate and make some changes to become better friends with our planet. It's a fact that hotel guests of today want to stay at hotels that are eco-conscious. This means more gained business for you from those guests ($ ca-ching, ca-ching $). Also, by going green, you also reap these two benefits (there's several more):

  • Long-term monetary savings (i.e., electricity, water, cleaning supplies)

  • Meeting new environmental regulations (staying ahead of the curve and trends)

How do you do it? Here are 5 tips for you:

Did you know someHOTELS OFFER $5 F&B outlet vouchers to guests who forgo housekeeping services (cutting back on energy, water, and use of cleaning supplies)? Others have "green roofs" where they have bee hives for making their own honey and gardens for their F&B produce. A few do not use any disposable products in their meeting space; everything is washable and reusable.


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