The BID Quality Award is a mark of excellence achieved by organizations which, in the philosophy of continuous improvement, have become drivers of innovation.

The awarded organization, which has decided to walk a path of continuous quality learning, is a catalyst for the benefit of the community where it operates.

This is the DNA of the BID Award: to recognize progress, achievement, improve productivity and solutions proposed by organization and business leaders who have reached a level of success which before had seemed unreachable.

For this reason, receiving a BID Quality Award means receiving the support of a multi-national team of professionals, specialized in the communication, education and promotion of Quality Culture.

Behind each award recipient there is also a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. This commitment to Quality Culture is the force behind companies, organizations and leaders who are recognized for a continuous search for quality and excellence. To receive the BID Quality Award is to become part of a team of companies, institutions, organizations and outstanding visionary business leaders, whose presence in 179 countries worldwide, represents entrepreneurship, success and Total Quality.


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