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Our Chatbots take employee surveys to the next level. The chatbot was designed with employee surveys in mind and makes great strides in simplifying internal communication.

Employee surveys can help navigate companies in the right direction for further success as they collect and represent the voice of the employees. The feedback collected from surveys can therefore help identify issues before they become critical and inspire companies to review organizational strategies, if necessary.

Traditional data collection methods, such as written questionnaires, are extremely time-consuming and cost-intensive which has prevented companies from conducting multiple surveys every year. Due to the infrequent distribution of surveys, employers load forms with a backlog of questions that are frustrating for employees to complete. Response rates for well-written surveys reach 60% at best.

Chatbots take employee surveys to the next level.

We developed an intelligent chatbot to solve the internal communication issues that employee surveys present.

“We deliberately programmed the chatbot tool to offer robust functionality while maintaining a simple user experience. It was important for us to give administrators a tool that would make surveys easier to deploy while increasing response rates, giving companies better data to analyze,” said Flavio Pfaffhauser, CTO of Beekeeper. Administrators have the option to schedule surveys and ask structured questions. They can monitor response rates using a variety of analytical tools and drive success through targeted automated follow-ups. Responses to employee’s answers are automated which provides the feeling of a personal conversation.

Beekeeper – the Employee Communication Hub

The intelligent chatbot feature embodies the Beekeeper philosophy: reach every employee in a straightforward and efficient way. Real-time communication and immediate feedback continue to make the Beekeeper app an increasingly fundamental part of daily operations by serving as a hub for internal communication, empowering employees, and providing management with data-driven insights.

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