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STS Hospitality Georgia


Founded by Michael Kerschbaumer, a man with an extensive career in hospitality management worldwide, STS Hospitality is a consultancy company recently established in Georgia, led by a team of a highly experienced and locally-based international experts as consultants and advisors, offering their services to companies in the hospitality management sphere on the Georgian market.

With the company’s motto: “STS stands for satisfaction that sells,” STS Hospitality Service Georgia aims to provide their clients with ideas tailor-made for more success and more growth opportunities through developing long-term planning and by establishing strategies that will suit their needs, making them more successful in the fast-growing hospitality management market in Georgia.

STS Hospitality has already started to partner with colleges and academies to drive talent development, and to hold master-classes focused on personal development, guest satisfaction, and improving awareness and techniques to become a successful part of the hospitality industry in the near future.

With its consultancy services, STS Hospitality Georgia sees one of the company’s goals in assisting investors to build approaches that better answer the demands of the ever growing, competitive hospitality sphere, helping them to better understand the strategies and build a long-term plan in order to optimize opportunities to grow their business, and to better understand the evolving trends and demands, ranging from increasing guest satisfaction, to staying profitable, knowing precisely the target group of clients and to developing a hospitality management team that allows them to know the depth of the existing competition.

STS Hospitality Georgia provides the full spectrum of marketing research and analysis essential for decision-making. Within the range of its service, it offers macro and micro factors analysis, target audience research, market size estimation, competition intelligence, mystery shopping, internal analysis of business with SWOT analyses. In addition, STS Hospitality Georgia offers business strategy development, brand implementation and positioning, and education and training services (service excellence trainings, corporate and personal brand development trainings, team leadership, marketing strategies and sales and trainings in the digital marketing).

STS Hospitality Georgia provides support in pre-opening and opening activities, recruitment support, brand culture development and well-being activities, support in marketing and sales consulting and digital and social media marketing support dealing with such sites as, and more. It also assists in web site development and promotion.

As Michael Kerschbaumer, the founder of STS Hospitality Georgia states: “The biggest advantage of our company is that our international experts are based locally: that is why they are much more affordable in terms of time and money. We really passionately seek development of the whole hospitality market in Georgia that is why we make sure that the cost of our consultancy is paid back.”

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