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Key factors of
success in Hospitality 
Knowing your Competitors
  • Who are your guests and potential guests?

  • What do they want? 

  • How to target them? 

  • How to improve their satisfaction in order to improve your revenue?

Focus on the client
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses? 

  • What do they offer?

  • What are their plans? 

  • How can they help you to improve yourself?

What can you get from us
Information and Analysis

We provide full range of Marketing Research and Analysis, that is essential for Decision Making:

  • Macro and Micro factors Analysis

  • Target Audience Research

  • Market Size Estimation

  • Competition Intelligence

  • Internal analysis of your business (SWOT Analysis, mystery shopping, service evaluation, brand evaluation)

Mystery Shopping

Every business is different. That's why we focus on flexibility and creativity when designing and implementing mystery shopper programs to evaluate and investigate:

  • The level of services you provide for your customers

  • Your competitor's price and sales strategies

  • Your brand protection

Key factors of
success in Hospitality 
Managing the Brand
  • What values and attitudes it represents?

  • What is it’s positioning in the head of your client?

  • What are your competitive advantages?

Strong Business Strategy

Development and implementation

of your own unique route to success.

What can you get from us
Experience, Knowledge and Strategic Thinking 

Establishment of Business Strategy based on the 7 P’s:

  1. Product

  2. Physical Environment

  3. People

  4. Process

  5. Price

  6. Place

  7. Promotion

+Brand Implementation & Positioning

Key factors of
success in Hospitality 
THE Team

Recruit, educate, train and motivate your employees. Build a healthy corporate culture.

Be always hungry for MORE

Constant and continuous development is the only key to success.

What can you get from us

We know that most of companies in Georgia suffer from the lack of professional employees, that is why we offer:

  • Recruitment support

  • Talent developement programs

  • Building strong leadership programs

  • Positive corporate culture establishment

Trainings and Education

We provide courses, work-shops and trainings in Georgian School of Management and for companies in Georgia and abroad.

  • Service Excellence Trainings

  • Corporate & Personal Brand Development Trainings

  • Team Leadership

  • Marketing Strategies & Sales

Key factors of
success in Hospitality 
Experience & Knowledge

Use your own experience as well as engage most successful practices and valuable knowledge for your sake.


Build awareness and certain image of your company, attract customers and increase sales.

What can you get from us
Partnership and Support

With our most experienced experts, know-hows and established connections and partnerships we provide for our clients:

  • Preopening & Opening Support and further supervision and encouragement.

  • Brand Culture Development and Well-being Activities  

  • Marketing and Sales consulting and support (Digital & Social Media Marketing, dealing with, etc.)

  • Web-site creation and promotion


Service Info+Mystery
Service Exp+Knowledge
Service Recruit+ Trainings
Services Partnership


Regus Business Center

Vazha Pshavela 71,

Tbilisi, Georgia

+995 591 503 444

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