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Our services are not cheap,

but surely affordable

Consulting is never cheap, because it is based on the best professionals

in the industry, but standing on their shoulders you save much more.

More over, we understand, that we are working in a developing market,

that is why our price are much lower than those for consultants from abroad.


Price vary according to the:

  • volume of consulting,

  • timing,

  • area,

  • number of experts involved.

But no matter what we always provide our FIRST CONSULTATION FOR FREE,

and it is as valuable as all other ones. 

Packages with possibility to pay by tiers


We strongly believe in complex improvement, that is why we provide packages of services, but you do not have to pay for the full package in advance,

we divide it into meaningful parts and you can pay for the first tier, get your own experience of working with us and know exactly what are you paying for.


Regus Business Center Leonidze Street 2, Tbilisi, Georgia

+995 591 503 444

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