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Construction of a New Hotel Launched in Old Tbilisi

Construction of a hotel is underway by the company “Mukhrantubani” at the crossroads of Baratashvili and Chakhrukhadze streets in the historic district of Tbilisi.

The construction began in August 2017 and its completion is scheduled for August 2020. The hotel will be three-storey from Chakhrukhadze street and four-storey from Baratashvili street. “Mukhrantubani” will have a total of 28 rooms, four of which are suits.

Andro Gujabidze, Director of “Mukhrantubani” told “Commersant” that on the first floor of the building will be located a living room, office space and restaurant. On the second, third and partial on mansard floors 14 rooms will be located. The lounge bar will also be placed on the mansard floor, which will connect the terrace on the roof.

The company does not specify the amount of investment in the construction of the hotel. They say that about GEL 350 thousand will be invested in the external facade. In Andro Gujabidze’s words, the construction is carried out by the Georgian side, the hotel will be operated by “Mukhrantubani”.

The building has an interesting, historical basement where the second hall of the restaurant, kitchen and multifunction space will be arranged.

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