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The House That Analytics Built: What hoteliers need to know about advanced analytics in revenue tech

Hotels face an increasing amount of threats to their business. So much so, in fact, that the substantial spike in industry rivalry has influenced discussions on how to tackle these mounting challenges. Big data, machine learning and business intelligence have quickly become hot topics with both hotel executives and technology providers alike, begging the question: How can your hotel organization use analytics to increase profits? From balancing data quality with quantity, to how technology uses machine learning, this eBook talks through analytical considerations you can use to soar to higher profit potentials. What’s inside:

  • How analytics improve your business strategy

  • Different types of analytics & what you get out of them

  • Big data-and why getting it right is so important

  • How to get the most out of your technology

  • What you need to know about machine learning

  • Why Automated Revenue Management?

So much data. So much complexity. So much change. Such realities have moved pricing and forecasting beyond manual processes and the unaided mind. Advanced algorithms and processing speeds help revenue managers make fast, complex decisions that are based less on gut instinct and more on empirical science. This enables services to be optimally priced on an ongoing basis. Only IDeaS delivers the technology, expertise and support it takes to recognize these scenarios and optimize your revenue quality. IDeaS pioneered automated hotel revenue management more than 25 years ago — a technology that is now a global industry standard and a competitive necessity. Today, our diverse portfolio of cloud-based solutions makes revenue automation an affordable reality for hospitality and travel businesses everywhere.

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